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Shign is a research company that helps organizations to improve the working and living environment based on data science. We use proprietary technology to conduct short-cycle impact studies on how users experience their environment in real-time and what it does to them. We call that user experience data analytics! This means that we occupy a unique position within the facility domain as an independent party that specializes in evaluating man-environment relationships.

The starting point here is the relevance of the work environment for people’s mood, well-being and performance. We make this transparent using scientific methods and thereby demonstrate the corporate social benefits of a good work environment. Our user experience data analytics approach enables organizations to very targeted optimize their work environment to get the best out of their people, thanks to the environment.

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In 2016 we spun out of Wageningen University. Nowadays, from a strategic perspective, Shign is a value adding part of the larger smart building ecosystem. This is an amazing cooperation between the customer, workplace strategists, IT firms, contractors, technical companies in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, automation, systems integrators, facility service providers and Shign. For this, we offer ‘knowledge for impact’, as the missing link between smart buildings and services, and user performances.

I am devoted to the influence of surroundings, and making the invisible visible.
Dr. Herman Kok, CEO & founder Shign

Our interactive tooling consists of an innovative app and QR code responsiveness for collecting real-time data of users’ experiences with relevant aspects of their actual touchpoint during their user journey. Together with sensor readings, this provides a rich picture of the current situation in the work environment at any moment in time. For users, the app is a tool to provide feedback, and also their compass to find the best areas in the work environment.

Bottom line, revealing impact by user experience data analytics, and finding ways together to create fascinating and performing work environments. That’s our passion!

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